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World's Largest Buyer of Antique Toys Buddy L Museum the most respected name in vintage rare toys 1906 - 1968. Email us with your American, French German, Japan toys for sale.

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Pressed steel toys wanted presently paying up to five thousand dollars for a complete set of Buddy L trains in ten plus condition Highest prices paid
Your Buddy L toy trains could be worth a small fortune contact our museum for a free confidential evaluation. Seeking any large toy bus 1919-1938
If you have a red
Buddy L Water tower truck for sale contact us immediately. 1926-1939 Buddy L Fire Truck wanted. Buddy l baggage truck wanted
Free evaluation ~ Buddy L Museum world's largest buyer of Buddy L trucks and vintage pressed steel toys. Paying 45%-85% more than ebay, antique
sure to fill in the web user form located above. We are the country's oldest buyer of old
Buddy L toys and Keystone toy trucks manufactured in the U.S
We also specialize
Sturditoy trucks and Sturditoy catalogs. Several rare examples of early Sturditoy trucks are located throughout the museum website
Witness our most recent acquisition a lovely black Buddy L Sand & Gravel Truck with 4 working chutes.   Contact us with all your
Buddy L toys for sale
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Selling your Buddy L Toys is a very simple procedure. Email two photographs of each Sturditoy, Buddy L or Keystone toy truck for sale, after reviewing
the photo's we'll respond back with an offer.  Entire collections bought regardless of location, we'll arrange transfer of funds and also help with delivery
Your pressed steel toys are important to us, always include your email address and phone number if sending pictures through the postal system so we
have your contact information readily available.  Presently paying up to seven thousand dollars for any 1920's
Buddy L Dump Truck or 1930's Buddy L
bus in near mint factory condition Paying up to six thousand dollars for certain rare
Sturditoy and Keystone toys including the Sturditoy ambulance and
big Keystone circus truck with original cages Several prewar
Buddy L trucks and airplanes are needed for our annual spring exhibit so if you're thinking
of selling your collection contact us as soon as possible
Buddy L Museum helping collectors since 1968. All inquires kept confidential. Contact us today
Highest prices paid for pressed steel toys in good or better condition.   The Buddy L Museum is the world's oldest and largest buyer of antique Buddy L
trucks and
Buddy L trains Your vintage Buddy L baggage truck or early Buddy L fire truck could be valuable contact us for a free evaluation Many more
Buddy L toys and early Buddy L trains are wanted for our museum collection Presently seeking any Buddy L express truck in good condition We rely on
many factors when determining a toys value, condition, age, color and rarity all contribute establishing a toys final price.  Certain
Keystone toy trucks as
To view the museum's latest acquisitions, a 1924
Buddy L Sand & Gravel truck and Red Buddy L Dump Truck Fast Free Antique Online Toy Appraisals
Presently buying any prewar Buddy L dump truck or vintage Sturditoy dump truck with original paint regardless of color.   The majority of early Sturditoy
toy trucks suffer from extensive paint wear especially those found with lite colors such as white or orange paint.   Similar problems affected
Buddy L toys
and several
Buddy L trucks manufactured during the early 1920s due to the change in paint formulas.  Finding any antique Buddy l truck or other early
toy truck with superior paint is quite rare and these toys should be kept out of direct sunlight in order to preserve their mint original factory luster.   Rare
Sturditoy trucks with unusual paint schemes are extremely valuable.   Need more information determining the value of your Sturditoy truck?   Contact us
Paying up to three thousand dollars for any
Buddy L baggage truck grading 9 plus or better Do you have a Buddy L Bus or catalog for sale? Email us
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Email the Buddy L Museum for a free confidential appraisal Most large 1920's antique Buddy L trucks with excellent original paint are considered quite
desirable. Email 2 photos and will be happy to appraise your Sturditoy, Buddy L toy, or
Keystone toy truck.  Contact us with all your toys for sale. Free
Appraisals. Buddy L Museum helping collectors since 1968.  Absolute highest prices paid! Before selling your Buddy L Toys know all the facts. Paying
45%-85% more than antique dealers, eBay & private collectors.  Highest Prices Paid ~ Free Appraisals ~
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www.buddyltrains.com is the nation's leading authority of antique
Buddy L Trucks and Buddy L Toy Trains If you need an insurance appraisal for your
Buddy L bus or baggage truck send 3 photos of each toy along with your daytime contact number. Your Buddy l toy trains are important to us
Buddy L Baggage Truck Photographs
1930 Buddy L Bus History
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